Want to build an app that monitors and responds to human bio-signals, then you should get your hands on BITalino (r)evolution. BITalino is a low cost, purpose built, all-in-one hardware and software toolkit that help designing and easy creation of self wearable apps or devices. BITalino contains Arduino-compatible software and hardware blocks with sensors for Electrocardiography (ECG), Electromyography (EMG), Electrodermal Activity (EDA), Accelerometry (ACC), and Ambient Light (LUX), including Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communication.

BITalino is a great tool for Makers, Students, Developers, Professors, Researchers, Quantified-Selfers. The brains behind this amazing creation, are now on Kickstarter raising funds to take it to the next level with larger manufacturing runs, to keep it affordable for all. Through this creation they want to empower more people to learn, prototype, and build innovative projects with sensors for body signals.

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Just a quick post, as wanted to get this free and open source hardware and software project out there, before it closes.

One comment though… I would have liked to have seen this with an ethernet connector on the back of it, to help reduce the RF radiation we all bath in. This is more important now I have a newborn.

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The engineers and innovators of Microduino Studio released a new gamepad in respect of the Nintendo Gameboy’s 25the anniversary. The company had launched the popular Microduino Arduino compatible development board last year which has successfully backed over Kickstarter crowd funding website. Now they have come up with new Microduino-Joypad in the form of an open source game console.

The team behind the creation of Microduino explains that the new open source game console is equipped with Microduino TFT Jack, OLED Jack, Panel Jack and Microduino UPin-27 Jack and more. The device is compatible with over 30 Microduino modules. It is also a remote control device, making it more creative and functional. Microduino-Joypad can remotely control plenty of toys and devices such as quadcopters, TV games, BOXZ Mini Robot, PC Game Collection and others.

The best part with Microduino-Joypad is that players can develop their own games according to their preferences. Now Microduino Studio is seeking further funding to secure their supply chain. Want to back this project? Watch this video before pledging this campaign.

Atomwear By Shuwen Liu

Do you love building custom electronic projects? Then you have to think about this amazing Atomwear. The master brain behind the Atomwear is Shuwen Liu. Atomwear system is a micro, modularized open source wearable system which includes Bluetooth low energy connectivity and a wearable strap for your creations. It is fully open source, micro, modularized, open source, wearable BLE device for DIYers.

Atomwear is a BLE product based on a Nordic BLE chipset which enables to build custom wearables easily. You can design many micro sized modules which includes including BLE MCU module, battery charger module, acceleration sensor module, baroceptor module, temperature sensor module, gyroscope module, OLED display module, heart rate sensing module,etc. The possibilities are endless.

Atomwear can be used to pedometer, motion tracker, temperature humidity, Bluetooth intelligent anti lost locator, e-compass, pressure and altitude detection, gesture recognition, HID Input and Bluetooth Smart Becon.
Even though you are not an electronic engineer, you can still make a wrist strap by yourself by just assembling Atomwear modules with FPC and assembling them into a rubber ring.

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Atomwear Costs:
$45 CAD – A Basic Atomwear kit including Atomwear-MCU*1, Atomwear-DBG*1, Atomwear-BAT*1, Atomwear-MAG*1 and Atomwear-BASE*1
Add $15 CAD to ship outside Canada

Atomwear Modules With FPC