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Just a quick post, as wanted to get this free and open source hardware and software project out there, before it closes.

One comment though… I would have liked to have seen this with an ethernet connector on the back of it, to help reduce the RF radiation we all bath in. This is more important now I have a newborn.

Watch the video, and follow this link to back the project…

The engineers and innovators of Microduino Studio released a new gamepad in respect of the Nintendo Gameboy’s 25the anniversary. The company had launched the popular Microduino Arduino compatible development board last year which has successfully backed over Kickstarter crowd funding website. Now they have come up with new Microduino-Joypad in the form of an open source game console.

The team behind the creation of Microduino explains that the new open source game console is equipped with Microduino TFT Jack, OLED Jack, Panel Jack and Microduino UPin-27 Jack and more. The device is compatible with over 30 Microduino modules. It is also a remote control device, making it more creative and functional. Microduino-Joypad can remotely control plenty of toys and devices such as quadcopters, TV games, BOXZ Mini Robot, PC Game Collection and others.

The best part with Microduino-Joypad is that players can develop their own games according to their preferences. Now Microduino Studio is seeking further funding to secure their supply chain. Want to back this project? Watch this video before pledging this campaign.

lilbot balancing robot

Computer programming is being introduced into the UK curriculum for 7-11 year olds in the new school year in 2014. Lil’Bot is a low cost cost, open source balancing robot, suitable for introducing children (at school or home) to the fundamentals of programming.  Lil’Bot can be programmed via a web browser through a drag and drop interface, similar to that of Scratch. As the child progresses and wants to get deeper into programming, the code can be revealed and edited. The Lil’Bot is Arduino compatible and completely hackable, so you can make it do exactly what you want it to and then share with the community.

Another interesting feature, is that it can power with the Hy-Druino, an Open Source Hydrogen Fuel Cell.  A great way to introduce fuel cells into your projects, although currently a little out of my price range.

It is really important that children (teachers and parents) use open source technology, if it is to have a chance in the world. As a child it was drilled into me that it is important to “share”, then later as a young adult it was soon drilled out of me again, as I entered the commercial world. We must teach everyone “sharing is caring” and is good for all, not just children.

As of writing this, there are a few day left to get your Lil’Bot via the Kickstarter Campaign. So go get one for your family and your kids school.

mr beam open source laser cutter

Mr Beam is a great entry level free (as in freedom) and open source laser cutter. At the heart of Mr Beam is a 1000mW laser (basic model comes with 200mW, but I would highly recommend you pay the extra $50 for the upgrade), that will cut a wide variety of thin and light materials.  The 1000mW laser will also engrave materials such as wood, leather, acrylic, even meat & chocolate 🙂

The brains of Mr Beam laser cutter is the combination of a Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno and a custom Mr beam Arduino shield. The Raspberry Pi runs the web server software and interfaces with the Arduino & shield that drives the stepper motors. All this is controlled via a web browser interface, making it completely cross platform compatible and very easy to use. Since launching the kickstarter campaign, the Mr Beam team have responded to the requests of the open source community and developed a free and open source picture image processing script.

As of writing this post they have reached all but one of their stretch goals, which is only a few pledges away. Maybe your Mr Beam pledge could be the one that hits their final goal! With all the stretch goals met, when pledging for a Mr Beam Laser cutter, you will now also get, a choice of colour, a test pack of suitable materials, wifi dongle and an anti-reflection coated glass lens increasing the efficiency and therefore output power of the laser by 10%.

All the of the hardware & software developed by the Mr Beam team will be released under free and open source licences. A big thanks to Mr Beam for developing a great free and open source tool and also the maker and hacker community before backing it… 🙂  I look forward to seeing the community grow and see how this project develops.