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Printoo paper thin flexible arduino compatible modules

The Arduino community just continues to grow and grow, with Printoo being the latest compatible platform.  The Arduino hardware and software is truly free as in freedom and allows commercial use of its circuit designs and associated software.  As a result, great complementary developments such as the Printoo are free to explore variations of the Arduino platform where may have not been feasible being proprietary.

Creating and developing your own electronics project is challenging enough, but then trying to fit in a suitable enclosure can be even more challenging.  The Printoo modules are super low profile, allowing you to keep the project closer to the size you want.  With it being flexible too, you can squeeze into spaces that you couldn’t with a standard Arduino board, also with the advantage of bending the electronics with the contours of your design.

When I first saw Printoo on Kickstarter it wasn’t clear whether the circuit designs would be released under a free and open source licence, so I took it upon myself to engage Printoo in conversation and ask. They kindly and promtly responded to confirm they will be realising all their designs under Open Source Hardware compatible licence.  They have since added a FAQ at the bottom for all to see.  I would recommend all you free culture advocates out there to ask project makers to not only be free and open source, but also to display it clearly, loudly & proudly.

There are already 17 different components (as below) to make your project do what you want. This is clearly just the start and lots more modules will be developed, by both Printoo and the open hardware community 🙂

  • Core Module with ATmega328 Microcontroller
  • 8 Segment Display Driver
  • Battery Connector with Switch
  • Coin Battery Holder
  • Light, Temp & 3-axis sensor
  • DC Motor Driver
  • Solar Cell Connector
  • Capacitive Sensing Keys
  • 8 x 8 Red LED Matrix
  • Conductive Ink Adapter
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Module
  • Electrochromomic Display
  • Enfucell Soft Battery
  • ISORG Slider with 6 Organic Photodetectors
  • 60mW Solar Cell
  • Flexible LED Strip

Watch the below video and support this open source project… 🙂


Having an original Gameboy as child, I know gameplay is what makes a game, not super-duper HD 3D graphics. This new 100% hackable Arduino based handheld console, is the perfect device for any gamer who is interested in getting into programming.  If you think my modifying the game you can increase the game play, well just do it. Maybe you should get more points if you do this, or this character should move faster, etc…

Got a friend? Then buy the multiplayer pack, as these can be connected to each other and players can compete directly.

With free and open culture at the core, a community will certainly grow and games will be hacked, created and shared. Gamebuino is just the being, so support this project on Indiegogo.

Open Effect Guitar Pedal
For all those free culture musicians out their, wouldn’t it be great to release your music under a creative commons licence AND create it using open hardware.

With a arduino at the core, it is completely hackable, so you can add your own analogue effects boards and control them how you want.

Campaign Feedback: IMHO the campaign video doesn’t do this project justice, with being a little raw and too long,. Maybe there is someone out there who “gets” the project and could remix the video to have a greater impact. Remember, free culture is about contributing to the community and it doesn’t have to be just financial. If you have skills to offer and you would like to see this project a success, then get involved and contact the project owner!!!

After watching the video below, please go to Spread Open Effects Project on Indiegogo and support this open hardware campaign.

Open Source Beehive
I am personally very interested in this project. I have been on bee keeping intro courses and this winter I bought my first 2 national standard style hives, that are now waiting to be assembled and populated. Designing an open source hardware cnc’able beehive was high up on my list of projects, as and when I had gained enough bee keeping experience. The Open Source Beehive project is already doing a great job and I look forward to building some of these hives and hopefully contributing back to the community with my experiences and feedback.

The project files will be finally released under a creative commons by attribution licence, in support of free culture. I will definitively be adding these beehives to the BarkEng Mad catalogue of free & open products for local manufacture to the residents of Derbyshire, UK…

An important aspect of this project is their alliance and utilisation of the Smart Citizen Arduino compatible platform, enabling them to collect independent data for scientific research into Colony Collapse Disorder. The Smart Citizen is open source, but it is not 100% clear if it is truly open hardware, “free as in freedom”. If you know either way please email and let us know, because licences do matter.

Watch the video and see what you think… The bee population, respective independent research & open source hardware need your support, so follow this link to the Open Source Beehives Indiegogo page and back the project, even if for only £1 (or $1), although I am sure you can afford more than that… 🙂

Open Source Beehives Crowdfunding Video from Open Tech Collaborative on Vimeo.