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Pirate Party in the EU

The UK Pirate Party is the only political that understands and supports the much needed digital, privacy, copyright & patent reformer needed for a freer society. The Pirate Party are requesting support for only £5000 to help them get into the European Parliament, just a fraction of what the other parties spend.  If you are not familiar with the Pirate Party, then I suggest you watch the 2nd video, at the bottom of this page.

They are using a new crowd funding website Pozible. The main differentiator for Pozible is that it’s currently (at the time of writing this) the only crowd funding website which accepts Bitcoin as payment.  I am sure this will have been a contributing factor for the Pirate Party, in deciding which crowd funding platform to use.  If you support the Pirate Party, then contribute here, in bitcoin if you got them… 🙂