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When it comes to hosting your media, such as photos, music, podcasts & videos, there are plenty of free (as in beer) options, like youtube, flickr, soundcloud, etc… However, there is no real competitive free (as in freedom) equivalent. The GNU Project is about to change all that, with their decentralised, free & open software media publishing platform MediaGoblin.

This free software platform is going to empower individuals and communities to host all their own media on their own MediaGoblin server.  MediaGoblin through the methodology of federation allows users of one instance to connect and login to another, forming a decentralised but connected platform.

The MediaGoblin will be released under a GNU Affero General Public License, which is similar to the GPLv3, but is slightly altered to be more suitable for Server hosted free software. The main difference is that the source code must be available to download of that exact version of MediaGoblin, to ensure all modification are free for others to use, implement and learn from, and open for others to scrutinise for bugs and security concerns.

The Gnu Project have chosen not to use a 3rd party crowd funding site such as kickstarter or Indigogo, to not use, promote or help profit a non-free Service as a Software Substitute (SaaSS).  For most free culture projects, not using a SaaSS is not a viable option, as they don’t have the audience, trust or the technical know-how. Maybe in the future the GNU Project community will develop a AGPL alternative, that I will be sure to promote here on Funding Freedom CC.

If you want to know more about and help fund the MediaGoblin Project click here, after you have watched the below video….