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mBuino, a programmable mbed keychain

If you are a geek at heart, then this key ring/chain that could be easily modified into a badge or pendant, could show off your true colours, literally.  GHI Electronics has created this hackable circuit revolves around the ARM® Cortex™ 50Mhz processor that includes UART, SPI, I2C, analogue inputs and PWM… All of which can be programmed using the mbed™ online compiler IDE via a web browser and USB cable.

When originally finding this open source project on Kickstarter, although it stated it was an open source project and they would be releasing the EAGLE design files, it wasn’t clear if they would be released with an appropriate free culture license. After quizzing the project lead Gus Issa, he kindly and promptly responded that is will be releasing them under a CC-BY-SA license :).  Gus has since update the Kickstarter project page and hopefully also get the chance to add the Open Source Hardware Logo to the page.

The keyring is programmed via mBed and from my understanding mBed is not a fully free and open platform, although does have an open source SDK released under a MIT license. Despite this, the mBuino itself is open source and with it being under a “Share Alike” licence any derivatives will be also. So good luck to Gus and go get one, especially as they are only $9 if you live in the US.